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In this fast moving and increasingly interconnected globe, organizations face the risk of not being resilient. There is an imperative need for contingency planning or Plan B to ensure longstanding resilience to protect against operational losses. Third party resilience, enterprise wide risk management & governance, reduced business downtime, crisis management and online reputation management are some of the key characteristics that organizations need to put emphasis upon while strategizing their BCP program.

We understand the aforementioned drivers for operational resilience though our tailor made approach towards BCP/DR program. We assist our clients to develop their BCP/DR program that is futuristic, scalable, cost efficient and reliable.

Our Services

BCP assessment

Business Impact analysis

Recovery plan creation & resiliency improvement

Third party resilience framework and analysis

Emergency response procedures & Crisis simulation exercises

Awareness Sessions and E-Learning Modules

ISO 22301 certification assistance

Sustenance Program  

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